Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Formatting E-book; Changing the color of your hyperlinks

Changing the color of your hyperlinks.

You can customize the color of your table of Contents with a few simple steps.
FIRST HIGHLIGHT YOUR HYPERLINK (or table of contents if that's what you intend to change)

Steps below;

Step 1. Hit the HOME tab  (if you’re not already there)

Step 2. Veer your mouse point towards the far right upper hand side of the page. Do you see the two A’s? Change Styles should be listed below it.

Step 3. Click the node under change styles. It’s the tiny node with a miniscule arrow. It is just left of the word “editing”-

If you can’t find it, hit Alt+ Ctrl+ Shift+ S

This will bring up the “Styles” menu.

Step 4. Scroll down the styles menu, until you hit the word, “Hyperlink”

Step 5. Click with your mouse point on the small “a” to the right of the word “hyperlink”

Step 6. Adrop menu should have appeared.

Below the words, “update hyperlink to match selection,” click “Modify”

A modify menu window should appear.

The properties should read;

Name: Hyperlink

Step 7: Formatting: Select your desired font, color, size, and so forth.

Step 8: Hit ok, and you’re done.


If you do decide to change the color of your hyperlinks, be sure to preview your results.

To preview your results,

1.      Use the kindle previewer. Set it to the darkest settings, to ensure that it can still be seen. Some colors dont work to well with various settings.

2.      I personally use a program called Calibre (which is free)  to review my books formatting and customized results. Your TOCs formatting with calibre will alter (but youll be able to see your hyperlinks color)- which is what you need to see, in order to make any necessary corrections. Always preview your book through Amazons previewer before publishing though. Youll then see that your toc is as it should be (not mis-formatted as in calibres finished product.


3.      You can also purchase a copy of your E-book, which is recommended.


4.      Or browse the web for a number of other previewers.



The above post is for manually changing the font’s color to your hyperlinks. The above (steps 1-8) will always work, if done correctly.


You can also highlight your hyperlink with your mouse point, hit the home tab, then select your desired color, but this may not always work. On your word document, your color may be, let’s say red, but once you uploaded your book, your hyperlinks may be the same generic hyperlink color (that bright blue color)-

When selecting your color, make sure it is still within the “generic color palette”

Using bright Pink, Neon Green, Yellow, purple, or whatever other color may be a favorite color of yours, but not your readers.

(I'll post a few more helpful tips tonight). I finally have time, since I'm on the road again (checked into a hotel). When I am home, I tend to just work on my novels, neglecting my blog.