Sunday, February 5, 2012

Creating a Toc for your eBook using Microsoft Word

Creating a Toc (Table of Contents) for your eBook using Microsoft word

  1. To create a toc begin by typing

Table of Contents” as your page title or type the title of your book.



  1. List all chapters below your page title/ header.

Example One:






Example two:

Table of Contents




  1.  Now highlight the “T” in Table of Contents( highlight with your mouse pointer)
  2. At the top of your word document (near the home tab) select the “Insert Tab
  3. Select the “Bookmark” option
  4. Name your Bookmark as “toc”.
  5. Select “add” and it should appear in the box below the name.
  6. Now place in your bookmarks for each chapter if you haven’t yet. (see above for bookmarks and hyperlinks)
  7. Then Hyperlink everything in your Table of Contents (Hyperlink chapters individually) (link them through your bookmarks)


Chapter One-

AP Biology- Understanding Molecules and Cells

Cells assemble molecules into elaborate structures called organelles. Each organelle contributes some specific function to the cell. The function of the organelle “derives” from the structure.  

(Continue to write the rest of your paragraph(s)/ story) (This is just an example.)

I should have a bookmark in place at the C in Chapter one.

I would then hyperlink it to the Chapter One title in my toc (Table of Contents).

Example of where to place it-

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 (or list Chapter title)

Chapter 2

Don’t forget to insert a “Start Bookmark” in the beginning of your book. Example: You may insert it on your copyright page or at the first paragraph in Chapter 1 .

Note: Insert your “Start” bookmark without any hyperlinks.

Ideally, the start bookmark should be placed where you would like your book to begin so readers don’t purchase your e-book and begin on chapter 9 per say.

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Adding hyperlinks and bookmarks to your ebook (For Microsoft Word)

Adding hyperlinks to your eBook (For Microsoft word)

To add a hyper link, highlight your book mark with your mouse.

Example:highlight> “Chapter One(under your table of contents you created or wherever you’d like to place your hyperlink)

Now go to the Insert tab located on the top of your word page. It is located next to the “Home” tab and the “Page Layout” tab.

Click the insert tab and the option Hyperlink is made available along with other options.

Select the “Hyperlink” button

Now select place in this document under the “link to:” column.

Then select which bookmark you would like to hyperlink from your list of created bookmarks. (See Below on how to create the “Bookmarks”)

Adding Bookmarks to your eBook (prepping for hyperlinks for Microsoft word)

1.  To create a bookmark, highlight the first letter of the place you wish to bookmark (highlight with your mouse).Example: you would highlight the “C” in Chapter One.  

  1. Select the “Insert tab” at the top of your word document. Once you click on insert, a row of options will appear. Select the “Bookmark” button.
  2. A bookmark window will appear. Name your bookmark- Chapter1 for Chapter one or any name you’d like.
  3. Click the “Add” option on the far right hand side of the box/ bookmark window.
  4. You should see your new bookmark appear. Repeat this with every chapter in your book until complete. (You may also bookmark want to consider bookmarking additional places; Bio, author’s Picture, Author’s Notes, Maps, etc.)